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Lost: Season 4

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Lost, Matthew Fox
Mario Perez/ABC


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Suave House, Universal

We gave it a B+

Lost: Season 4, or, the year Lost got its wow back: The Kate-Jack-Sawyer love triangle gave way to Penny and Desmond’s star-crossed affair; captivating minor characters (tortured Sayid, scheming Juliet, savvy Ben) drove the plot; and episodes were anchored in flash-forwards — revealing the even twistier lives of Flight 815’s survivors after escaping the island — rather than flashbacks. Extras spotlight season 4’s new faces (Jeremy Davies’ ticky physicist Faraday, Jeff Fahey’s grizzly pilot Lapidus) and time leaps. But the best is a doc on script coordinator Gregg Nations; he keeps tabs on who’s carrying which firearm and who traded this rifle for that. His? diligence (he has charts!) is mind-boggling. B+