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'Twilight' sequel's new director: Should a man direct 'New Moon'?

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Twilightforbo_lTwilight‘s major box office bite helped Catherine Hardwicke set the record for the highest-grossing opening weekend for a female-directed film ever. But now the woman behind the blockbuster has announced she will not be directing the sequel due to timing conflicts, which presents Summit with a weighty decision: Tap another woman to helm New Moon, or see if a man can do just as well.

Some argue that a female sensibility is vital to capturing the lovesick heroine of Stephenie Meyer‘s vampire romance. While I agree that no one understands angsty teenage girls quite like someone who once was an angsty teenage girl, that in no way negates a man’s ability to bring this story to life. Remember that while the novel is told from Bella’s perspective, the big screen incarnation doesn’t live solely in its heroine’s mind. Each character (both male and female) must become a fully-formed entity in and of themselves — something any good director (male or female) should be able to do. Many of our greatest romances have been largely male produced. One of my personal faves (don’t judge) is The Notebook — a novel written by a guy (Nicholas Sparks), adapted for the screen by a guy (Jan Sardi), and directed by a guy (Nick Cassavetes).  This man-made movie left me sobbing buckets, something Twilight certainly didn’t do.

Ultimately, the idea of a female director is appealing, especially since there aren’t that many out there. But a woman shouldn’t be selected simply for the sake of having a woman. The best director should be chosen, regardless of sex. But that’s just what I think. What say you Twilight fans? Vote in our poll below and let us know if you care whether a man or woman directs the sequel and how you think the series might change if a man takes over the wheel.



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