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'Childrens' Hospital': Rob Corddry's prescription for laughs

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Got a broken leg and a bloody nose that won’t quit? Sorry, can’t help you. Just feeling a little down in the dumps? Well, that I might be able to treat. May I suggest that you admit yourself into Childrens’ Hospital, TheWB.com’s new Web series from Rob Corddry (of Daily Show fame) that packs more than 200 cc’s of laughs. (That’s a lot of laughs, right? I don’t really know how big a “cc” is.) A blue parody of TV’s medical dramas, Hospital boasts a cast of actors you’ve totally heard of, including Megan Mullally, Ed Helms, Ken Marino, and Corddrys Rob and Nate. What’s more, the 10th and final episode is laced with a cool cameo by a high-profile celebrity who chooses to keep her identi — all right, it’s Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria, and let’s just say she plays a part in an extreme makeover. Oh, and she makes a pass at a doctor in clown makeup at a funeral.