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The six steps to 'Single Ladies'

We show you how to bust the moves from Beyonce’s hit video

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Are you, like all of YouTube Nation, planning a tribute to Beyoncé’s jazzy video? All you need is a webcam (try Microsoft LifeCam VX-5500, $60), black leotard (Danskin.com, $24), and our breakdown of the essential moves.

1. Hands Up! And Kick! (0:12)
It’s basically a more theatrical version of Legally Blonde‘s signature ”bend and snap” move.

2. Various Prancing (0:21)
Channel your inner dainty reindeer. (Note: Individual and group variations of the sashay will be required.)

3. Punch the Ground (0:43)
The key is keeping your forearm and thigh parallel. The crisper the head snap, the better.

4. Doing the Half Splits (0:59)
Grind your hips, purse your lips, and roll down into this leg extension. Remember: Wincing isn’t sexy!

5. Cardio Stewardess (1:35)
There’s room for improv here — just think ”Jane Fonda” and ”side exit doors” and you’ll be fine.

6. Ring Hands (3:12)
Finish with a dramatic flaunt of your ringless finger. Like the guy ever even had a chance.