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Sarah McLachlan and Pink: Will they play together again?

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Sarah McLachlan and Pink’s duet on the song “Angel” was one of the highlights of the 2008 American Music Awards. The pairing came together, McLachlan told EW.com at the AMAs, after the two met at Ellen Degeneres’ 50th birthday party. “She told me about seeing Prince playing ‘Angel’ at Coachella and that she sang every word at top of her lungs. And I thought, ‘Hmm…I think I know who might be able to sing it with me.’ I love her voice, she’s got a great rock ‘n’ roll grit that’s really soulful as well.”

Perhaps there’s a future studio pairing in

store? “If the song is right, I’m game,” McLachlan said. “I don’t know

why more people don’t ask me, because I’m a total whore in that

way — I’ll sing with anybody as long as it feels good.” Also high on her list? Coldplay’s Chris Martin, whom she met backstage at the AMAs. “I really wanted to say to him, ‘I’ll fly anywhere, anytime,’ but we ended up talking about kids and touring. He’s delicious.”