November 28, 2008 at 05:00 AM EST


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Robert Pattinson
Pattinson will appear in both New Moon and Eclipse, but before those future blockbusters hit the big screen, he’ll be going indie: He plays Salvador Dali in 2009’s Little Ashes, and is rumored to star as Dennis Hopper’s grandson in Brian Horiuchi’s drama Parts Per Billion.

Kristen Stewart
Stewart will be back as Bella for New Moon and Eclipse. But soon she’ll strip her good-girl image away by playing an exotic dancer in the 2009 indie film Welcome to the Rileys. Stewart will also appear as a tomboy in Greg Mottola’s comedy Adventureland, out the same year.

Catherine Hardwicke
At press time, the director hadn’t signed on for New Moon, but there’s a good chance she ultimately will. In the event negotiations fail, Hardwicke has long been attached to The Monkey Wrench Gang, an adaptation of Edward Abbey’s 1975 green-minded novel about eco-warriors.

Stephenie Meyer
Meyer announced she’d postpone her Twilight retelling, Midnight Sun, indefinitely, but she still has other projects up her sleeve. She’s currently writing a ghost story called Summer House, and says she’s considering a time-travel novel and two sequels to her first adult novel, The Host.

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