November 28, 2008 at 05:00 AM EST

The office of scholar and Lyndon B. Johnson biographer Robert Caro.

His Lamp
Caro picked up this lamp — featuring a statue of Apollo — at a Long Island estate sale in 1982. ”I’ve written three books with it staring me in the face,” he says. ”I really feel sort of lost without it.”

His Typewriter
Caro writes first drafts longhand, then transcribes them on a typewriter. Because he uses a discontinued model — a Smith-Corona Electra 210 — he keeps 14 of the typewriters in stock. ”When you need a spare part, you have to cannibalize one of your own,” he says.

His View
The window in Caro’s Manhattan office overlooks Central Park.

His Work
The outline for the fourth and final volume of Caro’s Johnson biography is posted neatly on the bulletin board. Says Knopf managing editor Kathy Hourigan, ”It’s going to be the most incredible book.”

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