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Being asked to watch an interview with hottie-of-the-moment Robert Pattinson is kind of like being asked if I want to eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked: The answer is always yes. Sadly, even I’m getting a bit weary of hearing the 22-year-old Twilight star have to answer the same questions (i.e. “So you’re into music right? How about those crazy fans?”) over and over again. So to spice up last night’s chat on The Tonight Show, my BFF/Thanksgiving host Dennis and I played a round of RPattz Bingo incorporating common questions asked of the actor and his own endearing quirks (i.e. the fingers through the hair maneuver). Right out of the gate I got a tress tousle, an Entertainment Weekly shout-out, and skinny black jeans appearance. I was one Harry Potter reference away from the win, but darn it, Jay wouldn’t quit talking about Pattinson’s beat-up ’89 BMW.

Unsurprisingly, another topic of rapt conversation was Pattinson’s luxurious locks, but it was fellow Tonight Show guest, the baby-teeth-pouch toting Heidi Klum, who was asking the questions. “Do you wake up like that or did you style it like that?”  “I kinda wake up like this,” Pattinson responded. And then later, provoked by Jay, Klum again asked, “I was just wondering if it took a while or if just comes like that naturally?” “It comes straight out of the box,” Pattinson deadpanned. Gotta love that limey wit.

Did you catch last night’s chat fest, Twilighters? What was your favorite Rob moment?

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