November 27, 2008 at 05:17 PM EST

Kind of a nothing episode last night forensics fans, but it’s always great to have Ryan O’Neal back in the house as Brennan’s dad. Our murder du jour was a former Marine paratrooper-turned-manny for Mandarin-speaking brats who was blasted with a shotgun, burned, and then blown (courtesy of a Nor’easter) into a tree because he had too many middle-class values. Remind me to avoid rich people, at least on TV.

But the heart of the matter this evening was the relationship between Bones and Max, which has always been testy—thanks to his life as a fugitive bank robber and killer—and hasn’t gotten any easier despite the fact that Tempe spent most of last season trying to get the guy acquitted. When Cam hired him on as a kiddie science teacher (um, the Jeffersonian has a junior varsity?), Bones got all riled up and immediately demanded he be fired. According to Sweets, this had to do with abandonment issues. According to Max, that was crap. According to me, it was just an excuse for unnecessary bickering.

Elsewhere: the blond male intern, whose quirky deal I forget, wasback; Hodgins rediscovered his love of experiments in Zack’s absence(cool wind tunnel!); we learned that the Department of Fish andWildlife does not kid about boobies; and Booth fretted about whether ornot to send Parker to private school. Now that we know sending kids toprivate school turns them into tiny little murdering sociopaths, I’dsay that answer’s clear. Plus, Shayne from Some Kind of Wonderfulturned up as an overprotective mom, and of course, the followingexchange, between Max and Booth: “Are you sleeping with my daughter?””No. “Why? Are you gay?” No… he’s just waiting for February sweeps.Sigh.

We’re back in January with more, but in the meantime, here’s a heavy holiday-season question to ponder: Isthere a time when parents become irrelevant? Well, I had to call my momlike seventeen times from the grocery store just to shop forThanksgiving dinner, and I’m 33 years old. So, maybe not.

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