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Showtime tosses cookies to promote its lineup

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Showtimecookies_l_2‘Tis the season for entertainment publicists to send all sorts of holiday-themed swag to PopWatch HQ, and today’s blue-ribbon winner comes courtesy of Showtime, which sent giant, rock-hard sugar cookies emblazoned with edible logos for a dozen or so of their current series. This, of course, may lead to some peculiar (and possibly misleading) ad copy popping up in Showtime ads in the coming weeks. Let us imagine the possibilties!

– “The United States of Tara…it’s surprisingly sweet!”*
– “Tracy Takes On…stale and not terribly appetizing.”
– “Dexter…it’ll ruin your appetite for lunch.”
– “Weeds…perfectly baked.”

*As you can see from the photo, I did indeed take a bite of the USOT confection, though truth be told, two thirds of the cookie now sits at the bottom of my trashcan. The yumyum-to-calories ratio was not acceptable.

addCredit(“Michael Slezak”)