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'Ugly Betty' Bites: Lots more Marc (of course)

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Last night’s Betty was great for lots of reasons, but let’s talk about just two of them. First, Marc (Michael Urie) and Betty (America Fererra) really patched things up and are now headed to the Y.E.T.I. (Young Editors Training Iniative) together. The end of the episode was so touching between them, especially when they said they’re “gonna be huge.” Sweet, right?

Second, of course, there were a boatload of great sound bites. So I’ve rounded them all up here for your enjoyment. Check out the video of the four best quips of the night, and then vote in the poll below. Want even more? Of course you do. A roundup of all the night’s best bites are after the jump. Leave some love in the comments section. Tell me which is your favorite — or which ones I missed!


“I got it for Halston. He’s supposed to come any time I ring it. Buthe’s kind of a bad doggy. Not like you, Betty. You’re a good girl.”—Amanda (Becki Newton), telling Betty why she carriesaround a bell

“Is this about that $60 you left out for anyone to take in your bottomdrawer? It’s time to let that go, Betty.” —Amanda, continuing to be abad roommate

“I think of you as a roommate…and sometimes a maid.” —Amanda, to Betty

This little exchange between Willy (Vanessa Williams) and Marc about her new love interest, Connor:
“He is ambitious, he’s shrewd, he’s competitive, he’s hot, he’s…he’s me.” —Willy
“He’s the Maleamina.” —Marc

“Are you insane? They haven’t even done Suddenly Seymour yet!” —Justin(Mark Indelicato), after his friend considers leaving Little Shop ofHorrors at intermission

“Betty, you know fashion means clothing, right?” —Amanda, after Bettyannounces that she’s creating a fashion magazine for the Young EditorsTraining Initiative

This exchange between Christina (Ashley Jensen) and Marc:
“Betty’s magazine is gonna kick your magazine’s arse!” —Christina
“Oh, really? What’s it called? Clashing Patterns Digest?” —Marc

In the Heights! Winner of the 2008 Tony for Best Musical? Third row,orchestra? Mom, I’m going blind!” —Justin, excited about going to seeIn the Heights

“I knew I was in trouble when I asked them who wanted to be an editorwhen they grew up and little Emme said, ‘Um, I wanna be a dancer, amonkey, a Chinese person….” —Daniel (Eric Mabius), after giving a“Career Day”-like talk at an elementary school

“Marc isn’t in right now, but if you leave your name and number he’llnever speak to you again, you odious sea cow, Betty. Beep.” —Marc,after Betty beat him into the Y.E.T.I. program

“You gotta take every advantage you got in this life. When I have to goto the butcher shop, I put on my tightest tank top and thank you to the Pointer Sisters right here, Abunjio the meat man puts me in the frontof the line. Is that fair? So what? Who cares?” —Hilda (Ana Ortiz),telling Betty that she shouldn’t feel bad about getting into theY.E.T.I. program

“I’m sorry for the things I said yesterday. I hope you don’t think I’ma racist. Just so you know, some of the hottest guys I’ve ever datedhave been Latino.” —Marc, after Betty gives him her spot in theY.E.T.I. program