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'Chuck' Exclusive: Helfer in! Strahovski out?

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Another week, another genius piece of Chuck casting…

Piping hot Battlestar Galactica toaster Tricia Helfer has been cast on Chuck as Special Agent Alex Forrest, a by-the-book ass-kicker and — here’s where things get a little frakked up — a potential replacement for Yvonne Strahovski’s Sarah.

Relax, I said potential replacement.

Here’s the deal: According to my Chuck mole, General Beckman — who has been growing increasingly concerned about Chuck and Sarah’s intensifying bond — considers bringing in a new G-woman to work alongside Chuck. Enter Agent Forrest, who shows no fear, no remorse and, much to Agent Casey‘s delight, is very easy on the eyes.

But Helfer isn’t moving in on Strahovski’s turf permanently, is she? Actually…no, she’s not. Helfer’s only booked for one episode (No. 18), and Strahovski’s got, well, an ironclad six-year contract.

Speaking of Chuck (a.k.a. the most consistently entertaining hour on NBC’s air, IMHO), here are two bonus casting scoops free of charge:

•    Jonathan Cake (Six Degrees) is coming on board for a multi-episode arc as a Gerard Butler-esqe British MI6 agent by the name of Cole Barker. The rugged, macho spy catches Sarah’s eye and makes Chuck feel even geekier than usual. 

•    Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover girl Brooklyn Decker will guest star in episode 15 when Jeff and Lester take over the hiring process at Buy More and begin recruiting potential Buy More booth babes.

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addCredit(“Helfer: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic; Strahovski: Michael Tran/FilmMagic”)