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Purple Reign or Purple Feign?

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Las Vegas Prince tribute band Purple Reign kicked off The Late Show‘s cover band week last night with a rousing performance of “Let’s Go Crazy” (unfortunately, the video clip is no longer available). I dunno. Singer “Jaysun” has the 1984 Prince and the Revolution-era guitar-strum-shimmy down pat, and you gotta give them credit for putting it all out there by taking on one of His Royal Badness’ best-known songs. But still, with a male second guitarist they had zero of the Prince-Wendy chemistry (no small omission), and musically, the performance was a bit off, especially when Jaysun botched the first guitar solo. To be fair, there are few performers in history who can rival Prince during his Purple Rain era,  and watching Purple Reign made me run out to find the original performance, which perhaps is exactly what a good tribute should do. (Although it really isn’t even fair to these guys, I’ve embedded the original below.) What’d you think, PopWatchers? Does Purple Reign do Prince justice, or is he just too untouchable for a solid cover band performance? Is this Vegas cover act the first step toward Asian Prince cover bands and other Elvis impersonator-like monstrosities?

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