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Is ABC's 'Bolt' obsession barking up the wrong tree?

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Abcbolt_lLook, I understand the concept of corporate synergy that’s prompting ABC to pop an image of Bolt (the titular character of an upcoming film produced by its sister company Disney)onto the end of its ABC Studios-produced series. And frankly, the little animated canine could be a lot more obtrusive — the way the networks are pushing product these days, it wouldn’t have surprised me if Bolt had been a central figure in the nightclub fire rescue on last night’s Desperate Housewives. All that aside, though, the suddenly ubiquitous scamp is working my last nerve.I know it’s wrong, but every time Bolt appears on my TV screen, there’s a part of me rooting for Cruella De Vil to sweep in and turn him into a fluffy coat collar.I can’t be alone on this one, can I? Take the poll below and let me know.


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