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PopWatch Quote of the Day: Morning Beverage Edition

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“Sweetie, make Mum a cup of coffee. Sweetheart, you’re so clever and you know where everything is, darling, don’t you? I think it’s marvelous the way you know where things are, darling. You’re marvelous. …No, not instant, darling, not instant. Grind some beans for God’s sake. Instant coffee’s just old beans that’ve been cremated. I don’t want them. I want them entire with life force today. [Sigh.] Could you not pull that face while you grind? I don’t really want to drink a cup full of your anger. [Sigh.] You know, I shouldn’t be drinking coffee! I shouldn’t be bloody drinking coffee! I don’t want any coffee, darling! Throw all that coffee away! I don’t want any bloody coffee! Ugh. I just wanted some fennel twig tea or something.” –Edina Monsoon (Jennifer Saunders), cajoling a hangover remedy from her daughter Saffie (Julia Sawalha), on Absolutely Fabulous. (Watch the quote in question by jumping ahead to the 3:15 mark in the clip embedded below.)