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Lil Wayne: 'Mad' man

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Lilwaynemadmagazine_lI had to pick up the new Mad magazine when I saw it at a newsstand the other night, even though I knew in my heart that the once-fine comedy publication jumped the shark pretty brutally years ago. (Or maybe that was just me maturing past the age of 12.) So why’d I do it? Because of the cover image you see to your left. It’s a Lil Wayne parody, of course, and there’s just something so arresting about that Wayne-ified Alfred E. Neuman. Check out the level of detail they put into Alfie-Weezy’s many tattoos! That, folks, is a work of comedic art. And this feels like a real watershed moment of some kind for Wayne as pop icon. Like Eskay says, “This is how you know you’ve arrived.” Also, whoa, is Mad implying that Wayne’s star has already risen and fallen? Controversy!

Of course, the actual cover story inside was inevitably disappointing. It alternates between semi-amusing jokes about easy targets like Ja Rule and Bill O’Reilly and totally lame, generic bling-bling nonsense. None of it has anything much to do with Lil Wayne. Bait and switch!

Still, all isn’t lost. I’m thinking maybe Wayne can license this magazine cover as the cover art for his next album. Thoughts?

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