November 12, 2008 at 05:00 AM EST

The Daily Coyote

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Shreve Stockton
Memoir, Nonfiction
We gave it a C-

Three years ago, Shreve Stockton impulsively moved to Ten Sleep, a small town in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming, where she fell in love with a baby coyote gifted to her by her cowboy boyfriend. Helpless and flea-ridden when he arrived, Stockton’s new pet, Charlie, soon began to grow, and Stockton found herself trying to domesticate a wild animal. The Daily Coyote, an extension of Stockton’s blog, also named ?The Daily Coyote, is filled with puffed-up prose: ”What Charlie…had ?inspired me to do, was willingly ?give up some of my wildness, for love.”? But Coyote‘s main problem is that it doesn’t go anywhere. There are few revelations, and it’s only slightly more interesting than a dog-training guide. But the pics of sweet, blue-eyed Charlie are downright coo-worthy. C?

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