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About that thing that (sniff) happened last night (sniff, sniff) on 'Ghost Whisperer'

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Spoilerphobes, don’t press play. The rest of us will be discussing the episode after the jump.

I’ve known Jim’s death was coming since my colleague Michael Ausiello confirmed the news (and asked me to describe David Conrad’s character for him, and I rambled on about Jim wearing wifebeaters to bed — professional!). But I think that spoiler made watching last night’s episode even more painful. When Jim went back to the cabin, alone, at night, I sat on my couch saying, “No, Jim. No.” (The chairs couldn’t wait, Jim. Really?) When that detective shot into the cabin, not knowing whether he’d be hitting Jim or the jilted fiancé, I wanted his badge. (How do you feel about that shot? ) When Owen, the little ghost with leg braces, made me cry at the hospital, I knew I was seriously vulnerable. (“No, thank you… you were my friend” — I can’t believe it got me!) And when Melinda finally realized that the Jim she was speaking with wasn’t the Jim in the hospital bed, I lost it. “Please, not you. Please, not you.” I’m gonna write something I’ve never written before: Well done, Jennifer Love Hewitt.

What do you think of how Jim’s death played out? And where would you like the story line to go now? (I’m up for anything that gives Conrad more to do. I’ve loved him since Relativity.)

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