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November 07, 2008 AT 05:00 AM EST

Feedback from our readers

Power Drain
When I saw the cover story, ”Fallen Heroes,” I thought, ”Oh, good, it’s not just me!” I’ve been watching the new season dutifully, but I keep cringing at its bad-soap-opera, out-of-character plot shenanigans — and am about ready to bail. There’s suspension of disbelief, but I’m experiencing a suspension of patience.
Bernie DeLeo
Falls Church, Va.

Here’s a sixth way to ”save” Heroes: Don’t listen to magazine writers who have never made a network TV show but think they could do it better than the writers and producers. Why not wait until you see where this season is going before you decide whether the show needs fixing?
Michael Weyer
Downers Grove, Ill.

Roseanne the Riveter
Roseanne set the ”Barr” for comedic programming (”Roseanne: Family Reunion”). Despite the battles behind the scenes, what the fans saw was simply entertaining television. I don’t think any other series ever even thought to do something like that before, but many shows certainly followed in its footsteps. Hail to the queen — she’s sorely missed.
Leslie Newcomb

You say the finale revealed season 9 was just the fantasy of the Roseanne Conner character. But the true reveal was that the whole series never happened: What we’d been watching for nine seasons was a fictional account of Conner’s life. Sadly, this twist made everything we’d cared about over the show’s run feel like a lie.
Thom Holbrook
Reseda, Calif.

Writer Tanner Stransky responds: Good point, but remember: Her fiction fell within the already-fictional confines of scripted TV, so she could play by her own rules. Even so, a silly twist could never lessen the overall narrative’s emotional impact.

Going GaGa
I was shocked to see Lady GaGa placed off the Bullseye. She’s one of the few artists today who can put on a flawless visual show while sounding better live.
Erik Griffith
Eden Prairie, Minn.

Reply and Demand
Reader Mark M. Twomey of Berwyn, Pa., asks: ”Zachary Quinto was on the cover of EW two weeks in a row [#1017 and #1018]. In doing so, has he gone where no man has gone before?”

Two in a row!
Yep, Quinto — who’s doubling up as Star Trek‘s brainy Spock and Heroes‘ erstwhile brain-stealer Sylar — is EW’s only back-to-back cover boy. Talk about living long and prospering!

Speaking of covers, here are a few more betcha-didn’t-know facts:

The Most
Julia Roberts has dominated the front of EW more than any other celeb — a whopping 15 times.
Second Most
Coming in at No. 2? Roberts’ Charlie Wilson’s War costar Tom Hanks, with 13 covers.
The Youngest
Jake Lloyd (Star Wars: Episode I) is the youngest person ever to appear. He was 10 at the time.*
Second Youngest
Age does matter: Abigail Breslin was just two months older than Jake when she graced EW.

*Sorry, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie Simpson: Only flesh-and-blood stars count.

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