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How painful does this new Rob Schneider movie sound?

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Robschneider_lAccording to Variety, Rob Schneider is set to star in the “sex comedy” Virgin on Bourbon Street. All the trade says about the plot of the film is that it “sees a night of debauchery threaten the university career of a sexually abstinent woman student.” I poked around online, and it appears as though Step Up‘s Jenna Dewan plays a co-ed with a scholarship from an abstinence group, and Schneider is the Chicks Go Crazy producer who, I’m just guessing here, tries to corrupt her.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how painful does this movie sound?

P.S. Should you happen to live in Detroit, and have an affinity for the craptacular, the production is looking for paid extras: $7.40 an hour.