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PopWatch disturbia-off: 'I Hate Your Guts' vs. 'Noelle'

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Jimnortonnoelle_lAnother Halloween has come and gone, and yet the creepiness of the holiday lives on, thanks to a couple of upcoming pop-culture releases that arrived in the mail last week.

Exhibit A: The back cover of Jim Norton’s I Hate Your Guts, which features the author (wearing a suit jacket and WHITE SOCKS) taking a whiz on a crushed bouquet of yellow roses. Revolting!

Exhibit B: The DVD cover for Noelle, a “Dove Family-Approved” holiday film featuring a little girl whose facial expression falls somewhere between “come and play with us” and “are you mad? I am your daughter!” Disconcerting!

I leave it to you to make the call as to which is more disturbing. Vote in our PopWatch Poll, then share your feelings (“mommy!) in the comments section below.