October 31, 2008 at 08:43 PM EDT

Ugly Betty

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Happy Friday, Ugly Betty fans! Isn’t it always a Happy Friday when PopWatch serves up a load of the best sound bites from Ugly Betty? I think so! Last night, we saw the fiery end of Lindsay Lohan. And, natch, the episode was a doozy in terms of funny lines. Watch our video below for last night’s three best quips, then vote for your favorite in the poll that follows. Looking for even more bites? Follow the jump for a round-up of the rest. And, of course, leave your opinions in the comments section: Did I miss a particularly great Ugly Betty bite? Which was your favorite? Who’s the most biting biter: Willy (Vanessa Williams) or Amanda (Becki Newton)?

“She used you. I always knew she was the same old…rhymes with bizitch.” —Hilda (Ana Ortiz), rapping about heinous editor Kimmie (Lindsay Lohan) to Betty (America Fererra)

“Dear Clarie…setting us straight like a poor man’s Sally Field.” —Willy after Claire (Judith Light) tried to warn her about Meade Publications’ dire financial situation

Exchange between Marc (Michael Urie) and Amanda, after Kimmie shunned them:
“Did she just give us the ‘busy busy, let’s talk later’ blow-off? We invented that blow-off!” —Amanda
“Yes, we did. To remind the little people around here we are king and queen of this particular prom.” —Marc

“Succulent and flavorful—reminds me of me.” —Hilda, after Betty describes the attributes of a particularly tasty and juicy fruit

“Well that’s initiative people. Sometimes it comes in unlikely brown packages.” —Willy, talking about Betty after she scored Adriana Lima for the cover of Mode

“Well, you’re probably either gay or a gossip.” —Willy, to a man on the street who claims he’s her fan

“We love a scoop, a Fashion Buzz. And landing Adriana Lima for the cover of your March issue is two scoops with whip cream and sprinkles.” —Fashion TV correspondent Suzuki St. Pierre (Alex Mapa)

“Farms. We know what those are. Those are the things fashion people knock down so we can build our weekend houses.” —Fashion TV correspondent Suzuki St. Pierre

“How did it happen? We used to be the ones spreading rumors, mocking coworkers, ruining self-esteem! Because that made us pretty. That made us mean!” —Amanda, talking to Marc about how they’re no longer the mean girls of Mode

“Screw the high road. I’m in. Let’s kill Kimmie.” —Betty, after atrocious new editor Kimmie crossed her one too many times

This exchange between Amanda and Marc, who were talking to Betty:
“We set her up, Betty.” —Amanda
“You knock her down.” —Marc

“We have to distract her. Does anyone have a six-foot hoagie?” —Amanda, plotting against Betty at the photo shoot

“We can’t bluff for too long. You know what they say about models, but this one is a smart one.” —Willy, trying to stall model Adriana Lima at the photo shoot

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