Michael Slezak
October 31, 2008 at 10:04 PM EDT

My pal Kristen Baldwin sent me a frantic IM this morning: “Turn on The View. NOW!” Really, her message should have come with a warning — “What you are about to see may result in trembling, emotional scarring, and possible collapse.” But since I got blindsided by the sight of the show’s hosting panel in frightening Halloween drag, why should you be spared, PopWatchers? After the jump, check out closeup screengrabs of Barbara Walters as George Washington, Elisabeth Hasselbeck as Ronald Reagan, Sherri Shepherd as a penny, er, I mean Abraham Lincoln, Whoopi Goldberg as FDR, and Joy Behar as Teddy Roosevelt. And do vote in our exclusive PopWatch poll to tell us which costume freaks you out the most.

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