October 31, 2008 at 04:00 AM EDT

‘Lost’ in Space
Great article on J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek movie (”A New Frontier”). But you’re overly dismissive of the franchise as a whole. By calling it ”defunct,” you imply that it would be dead and buried without Abrams. Star Trek needed time to lie fallow, yet there was never any doubt that the most prolific sci-fi franchise of our time would be back.
David Wicks
Huntsville, Ala.

A fantastic first look at a long-awaited reboot. The photos and plot points you revealed have made me hungrier for the film than a young Klingon for the blood of a live Kolar beast!
Jarrod Adams
Woodhaven, Mich.

The photo of Chris Pine’s Kirk in the captain’s chair suggests more ”Gossip Girl goes galactic” than a voyage to the final frontier.
Russ Kohr
Ashburn, Va.

Star Trek has endured because of a belief that our best instincts will prevail, a can-do sense of adventure, and stories built around a thriving interstellar family. If the new crew gets those things right, it won’t matter which toggle they use to open the shuttlebay doors. (There’d just better be shuttlebay doors!)
C. Ralph Adler
Brentwood, N.H.

This is an age-old debate, but to some Star Trek fans, being called a Trekker is the insult. Trekkie is the preferred term.
Stefanie Dinino
Croswell, Mich.

”A New Frontier” writer Jeff Jensen responds: I’ve always heard ”Trekkie” was a glib term foisted upon Trek fans by a snooty mainstream culture; ”Trekker” was the word fans chose for themselves.

Writer/Trekkie Steve Daly says: Hmm — but in fan books from the ’70s, like Star Trek Lives, the term ”Trekker” doesn’t seem to have been coined yet. So I thought Trekkers were just Trekkie-come-latelies who believed Trekkies were weirdo zealots.

Writer/Trekker Adam B. Vary chimes in: I’ve always felt that ”Trekker” was the serious person’s nom de fanaticism, and ”Trekkie” was for the kiddies and fly-by-nights. I mean, you can actually be a Trekker; a Trekkie sounds like a candy bar served at Ten-Forward.

Writer Marc Bernardin gets the last word (for now): I vote for ”Trek-American.”

Secondhand ‘Psych’
I’m sure Simon Baker is a terrific actor and that The Mentalist is phenomenal, but I can’t watch it (”Crime Pays”). Doesn’t this show already exist, as the USA network’s Psych? It’s great that CBS is doing so well in the ratings, but I bet the whole ”fake psychic” premise can’t get much better than the original’s.
Rachel Dunn
Durham, N.C.

In an item about the upcoming movie Pandorum, a photo of Dennis Quaid was inadvertently omitted (First Look).

EW.com Extra: Haunted Hollywood
Ah, Halloween, the one day it’s your right to be that sexy witch/devil/Dwight Schrute lurking beneath the surface. Inspired by ghosts of pop culture past, PopWatchers showed off vintage costumes that are more screen-worthy than scream-worthy.

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