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Site of the Day: Just in Case I Die

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Death_l“For many people, the worst thing about dying is that you’ll never getto see your loved ones again, or eat another steak, or gaze uponanother sunrise. For others, however, it’s that you never got to tellyour boss he was a prat…” So begins the mission statement on the homepage of JustInCaseIDie, a still-in-beta service that promises to automatically send a message to any recipient with an email address in the event of your untimely demise. (You compose a thought or set of instructions before you head out to, say, that long-planned trip down the Amazon — the message goes out when you do not log back into the system before a predetermined time.) Yes, this service is creepy and disturbing — but there are instances where it might provide: valuable information (“You’ll find the key under the big rock in the garden…”), an opportunity to clear your conscience (“I always wanted to say this: Yes, I did accidentally set the garage on fire”), and even a final told-you-so (“See? I knew going to Pamplona was a bad idea!”). What do you think? Would you ever consider using this service?