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Imagining the Beatles video game

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Beatlessims_lSo here’s what we know about the deal the Beatles just struck with the makers of Rock Band: Something’s coming out next year; it’s based on the Beatles’ decade-long evolution as a band; it is a video game, but it is not part of the Rock Band franchise. And, uh, that’s all we got right now.

Still, as a lifelong Beatlemaniac, and a relatively recent Rock Band-er, that’s more than enough to get me psyched. The possibilities are endless. I’m talking super-difficult boss levels where you have to re-create “Revolution 9” using only a Wii Nunchuk! Multi-player adventure quests involving Ringo’s mystical ring from Help! And, hopefully, some forum that will permit me to pretend I possess the musical skills needed to play side one of Rubber Soul. Or who knows, maybe it’ll just end up looking like one of those fan-created Sims/Beatles mashup videos. (Seriously, there are dozens of these things on YouTube — check one out after the jump.)

Your turn to go wild: What would you like to see in a licensed Beatles video game? Bear in mind that it’s apparently a standalone, non-Rock Band game. You never know, Harmonix and MTV Games might be listening…

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