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Plots for a recession-stricken TV lineup

How ”Gossip Girl,” ”Dirty Sexy Money,” and others could handle the struggling economy

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Something tells us it won’t be long before the current financial plight gets a prime-time spotlight. Here’s how a few shows could incorporate the economic crisis.

Gossip Girl
After a sad-sack dinner at Applebee’s (on the menu: Nachos Nuevos and light beer), Serena and Blair head to Old Navy for some retail therapy and end up fighting over the last paisley tunic.

Dirty Sexy Money
Once their vast fortune dries up, the Darlings are forced to move in with Ugly Betty‘s family in (gasp!) Queens. Who gets to wear the homely poncho to keep warm after the electric company shuts off the heat?

An economically paranoid Drama — who’s already under a vow of celibacy until the Dow rises — tries to make some quick money by selling old clothes to Viking Quest fans overseas.

The Office
Their jobs are outsourced to Japan, so the staff riots at Dunder Mifflin’s headquarters. In a recycled plot twist (remember — everything is reused in tough times), Meredith somehow breaks her pelvis again.