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Great TV presidents

Great TV presidents — A look at how Martin Sheen, Geena Davis, and shows like ”24” portray the Commander-in-Chief

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In honor of the coming election, we salute America’s (and the Twelve Colonies of Kobol’s) greatest presidents, as seen on TV.

Acting Their Age
John McCain might become the oldest president ever elected, but how does he compare with our televised White House inhabitants? Take a look at the ages of these actors when they assumed the role of leader of the free world.

· Patty Duke as Julia Mansfield on Hail to the Chief (1985) 38 years old
· David Rasche as President Whitman on DAG (2000) 56 years old
· Martin Sheen as Jed Bartlet on The West Wing (1999) 59 years old
· Dennis Haysbert as David Palmer on 24 (2002) 48 years old
· Geena Davis as Mackenzie Allen on Commander in Chief (2005) 49 years old
· PATRICIA Wettig as Caroline Reynolds on Prison Break (2006) 54 years old
· Mary Mcdonnell as Laura Roslin on Battlestar Galactica (2006) 52 years old
· John D’Aquino as Richard Martinez on Cory in the House (2007) 48 years old

24‘S Axis of Evil
With the Fox series set to inaugurate a new president (Cherry Jones) in its Nov. 23 two-hour special, we rank the previous jefes on a scale from benevolent to malevolent.

DAVID PALMER (Seasons 2-3)
24‘s seminal Commander-in-Chief (Dennis Haysbert) was courageous even while protecting the U.S. from two threats.
The First Brother-turned-prez (D.B. Woodside) was certainly virtuous, but no match for the more inspiring Palmer 1.0.

JOHN KEELER (Season 4)
The smarmy politician (Geoff Pierson) used questionable tactics — i.e., blackmail — in his campaign against the incumbent.
CHARLES LOGAN (Seasons 4-5)
The once VP (Gregory Itzin) seemed weak…before it came out he aided terrorists and David Palmer’s assassination.

Longest Term Served on Screen
President Jed Bartlet (Martin Sheen) on The West Wing
Shortest Term Served on Screen
President Julia Mansfield (Patty Duke) on Hail to the Chief

EW.com Rocks the Vote
Which fictional president would EW.com readers most like to see occupy the Oval Office?

Jed Bartlet 42%
David Palmer 33%
Laura Roslin 16%
Mackenzie Allen 9%