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October 24, 2008 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Feedback from our readers

Zac Attack
My heart skipped a beat when I saw your Zac Efron cover, and then it really stopped after seeing his photos inside (”Zac Efron’s Day Off”). I’m a 42-year-old mother of two who gets teased for having a crush on the actor. I definitely plan to see High School Musical 3 on opening day; thankfully, I have an 8-year-old to take with me.
Amanda Posito
Chatsworth, Calif.

At first I thought the mailman made a mistake and gave me a new issue of Tiger Beat. Zac Efron on the cover of your Photo Issue? Seriously? Why not a real man, like, say, Clive Owen or John Slattery?
Laura Barnum
Oakdale, Minn.

Editors Jill Bernstein and Nicholas Fonseca respond: Oh, we agree that Owen and Slattery are pinnacles of masculinity. But give Efron a break. He’s a man too. Just a young one.

Suburban Jungle
I loved the article about Cheeta (”It’s Hard Out There for a Chimp”). I enjoyed watching Tarzan movies as a child and was amazed he was still alive. I’d buy one of his ”ape-stracts” to help support his AARP lifestyle — I bet Rin Tin Tin couldn’t paint!
Michelle E. Smith
Perry, N.Y.

Gay Pride
Re: gay, lesbian, and bisexual TV characters (The Final Cut), I’d add Torchwood‘s Capt. Jack Harkness. I love that the show doesn’t make a big deal of the fact Jack is attracted to men and women and is dating one of his male team members. I just wish the show got more exposure, because he’s a role model anyone can look up to.
Gena Fisher
Kidder, Mo.

I understood Mark Harris’ point, but felt he missed the biggest tree in the forest. What about T.R. Knight and Neil Patrick Harris — both out gay actors on prime-time network shows? I realize they were left off Harris’ (and GLAAD’s) list because they’re portraying straight characters. But isn’t it more important for us to see ourselves represented by an actor who is ”one of us” rather than the character he is playing? I certainly think so.
Robert Smith
Cedar Park, Tex.

Facing the Music
How can you refer to the rate of drop-off in SNL viewing without considering musical acts (News & Notes)? The only thing that keeps me watching after ”Weekend Update” is a good band.
Christine Ramirez
Middlesex, N.J.

Billy Bob Thornton’s halftime speech in Friday Night Lights is another football movie pep talk with all the right moves (Movies).
Jon Infanger
Fruita, Colo.

From the Pages: Character Studies
We gave 22 of ”The Hardest Working Actors in Showbiz” a starring role in our Photo Issue. But Shelly Stewart of Taylor, Tex., had three more ”HEY, IT’S THAT GUY” candidates in mind: ”I’d have liked to see Chris Mulkey, Brett Cullen, and Rex Linn. Maybe next time.” Well, Shelly, next time is now.

Chris Mulkey: Where You’ve Seen Him
Cloverfield, Saving Grace, Broken Trail, Twin Peaks

Brett Cullen: Where You’ve Seen Him
Lost, Friday Night Lights (TV), Ugly Betty, The West Wing

Rex Linn: Where You’ve Seen Him
CSI: Miami, Appaloosa, JAG, Breakdown, Cliffhanger


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