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Who is your Entertainer of the Year?

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Cookarchuleta_lThe hallways of EW HQ are abuzz — yes, abuzz! — as we hunker down and enter the serious planning stages of our annual Entertainer of the Year issue. (Last year’s winner, J.K. Rowling has added the title of Tea Party Hostess to her resume since wrapping up the little matter of her Harry Potter franchise.) And naturally, we want to get your input about which singers, actors, writers, directors, circus performers, and other assorted pop-culture standouts rocked your world in 2008.

For me, the first half of the entertainment year was defined by the David Cook-David Archuleta showdown on American Idol. Even thought my heart belonged to Carly Smithson and Jason Castro, it was the two Davids who gave us an epic, fan-mobilizing, household-dividing battle on par with Federer vs. Nadal, Coke vs. Pepsi, even chocolate vs. vanilla. And despite a million and one roadblocks from the show’s producers, the scruffy Midwestern rocker and the puppy-eyed teenage belter managed to make Idol‘s seventh season a wildly addictive, and ultimately satisfying, viewing experience.

Surely, though, you guys have other ideas about who belongs on EW’s list of pop-culture MVPs for 2008 in addition to or (gasp) instead of Mr. Cook and Mr. Archuleta. We’re planning to mine the message boards for this PopWatch item to create an Entertainers of the Year gallery and bracket game, the results of which will appear in the pages of EW’s Entertainer of the Year issue in November. So don’t delay: Give us your nomination(s) for Entertainer of the Year below. We’re  abuzz — yes, abuzz! — as we await your picks! (And for you New Kids fans who’ve gotten addicted to posting on the message boards for this item, be sure to click here and check out Margeaux Watson’s new Q&A with NKOTB, backstage at Madison Square Garden!)

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