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Britney Spears' new music video

The popstar’s ”Womanizer” may have its flaws, but it could be the true jumpstart for her comeback

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Britney Spears is back with a video for ”Womanizer,” the first single from her next CD, Circus (out Dec. 2). The good news: It’s not a hot mess. But is it the beginning of an honest-to-God comeback? It looks promising. Given all her personal and professional missteps, Britney has a lot to atone for, and that’s going to take more than one good clip. At least ”Womanizer” hints she’s leaving behind the splotchy, Frappuccino-guzzling train wreck who dominated headlines for so long. The dancing is stiff and minimal, a disappointment since her moves are her strong suit. But this is a welcome return to the Britney we love — gorgeous, gyrating, greased up, and gamely playing the vamp. It’s a good start. And besides, if we could pardon Mariah for Glitter…well, anything’s possible, right?