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The Ausiello Files for October 24, 2008

EW’s TV scooper tells (sort of) who’s dying on ‘Gossip Girl,’ ‘Bones’ casting news, and more

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Who’s dying on ‘Gossip Girl’?
Spotted: a body bag on the Upper East Side! A pivotal Gossip Girl character will soon be whacked, and using both Met-step chatter and plain ol’ common sense, I narrowed the field of candidates to the following five characters — one of whom, a source confirms, is the victim.

Vanessa (Jessica Szohr)
Why She’ll Die: As much as I adore Szohr, let’s face it, her alter ego is easily the most expendable of Girl‘s core clique. Why She Won’t: Who’d steam everyone’s lattes?!

Bart (Robert John Burke)
Why He’ll Die: It would be a massive story generator. Not only would it pit wife Lily and son Chuck against each other in a battle over the millionaire’s estate, but it would add a new layer of angst to Ed Westwick’s brooding scion. Why He Won’t: Come on — offing the old guy? Way too obvious.

Nate (Chace Crawford)
Why He’ll Die: Rumor has it that Crawford recently made some noise about wanting a fatter paycheck. Killing him off would nip a potential salary dispute in the bud. Why He Won’t: He’s the prettiest one on the show, for chrissakes!

Rufus (Matthew Settle)
Why He’ll Die: It would rid the world of Lincoln Hawk and Dan would be forced to grow a pair. Why He Won’t: His tragic romance with Lily is where Gossip‘s true heart lies.

Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg)
Why She’ll Die: Everyone loves a good, old-fashioned murder mystery. Why She Won’t: For starters, she’s not currently on the show. Plus, producers would be foolish to permanently wipe out the Alexis to Serena’s Krystle.

Ask Ausiello

Q: What the frak! Is Battlestar Galactica ever returning? —Ken
A: Good news: A Sci Fi Channel source confirms that the last half of season 4 premieres on Friday, Jan. 16, at 10 p.m. Which, by my calculations, puts the series finale (boo-hoo!) at Friday, March 20. BSG costar Grace Park is confident fans will find the endgame both ”satisfying and fulfilling. There’s definite closure.” There’s also a big, fat death; boy, sorry to be the grim reaper of EW this week.

Q: Fifty trillion weeks and no Bones scoop? It’s unbearable! —Isabella
A: Actually, it’s only been 49 billion, 398 million weeks. But now that I know somebody wants Bones scoop, I’m happy to finally end the drought: The show is casting a sexy female FBI agent whose temperature rises when she interrogates Booth. Something tells me neither Brennan nor you are gonna like reading that.

Q: Please give us the lowdown on Grey’s Anatomy’s Alex and Izzie. I’m so excited that they may finally become a couple. —J.B.
A: Then you’re going to fall head over heels for the Oct. 23 episode, which I’m told includes a major Alex-Izzie smooch. Meanwhile, Alias‘ Melissa George debuts as Seattle Grace’s newest intern on Nov. 6, and the buzz is that we’ll learn that she is bisexual and has a past connection to Meredith. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Maybe, just maybe, Mer is about to make Derek’s McDreams come true.