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Josh Brolin, W.
Sidney Baldwin

Biting satire? Political hatchet job? First draft of history? Call it what you will, Oliver Stone’s shoestring-budget biopic of George W. Bush is bound to be controversial — the first time the lightning-rod director (JFK, Nixon) has aimed his camera at a sitting U.S. president. ”It’s the story of a man you think you know, but don’t know,” Stone told EW on the movie’s Shreveport, La., set last May. ”Who is Bush? How did he get to be who he is? Why did we elect him?twice?”
OUR TWO CENTS Judging by the teaser — a montage of Josh Brolin as the young Bush getting drunk, crashing his car into a front lawn, fighting with George Sr. to the strains of ”What a Wonderful World” — this could be one of the most hilarious (and polarizing) films of the season. 10/17
DEEP DIVE Everything you wanted to know about George W. — and every other President — can be found at Potus.com.