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Standard TV and movie storylines you're sad you've never lived

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90210_lLast night, I watched my first full episode of 90210. Why? Two reasons: Because I’m mildly amused by/obsessed with the cokehead whose name I haven’t bothered to learn, and because one of the B storylines involved the kids partnering up to parent fake babies for health class. I never got to do that in high school, and I’m actually kinda pissed about it. Even remembering what happened in the “Bad Eggs” episode of Buffy (below), I’m still jealous.

What standard TV or movie storyline are you sad you’ve never lived? It doesn’t have to be high school-related, but here’s another teen staple: My friend Sheila (who did do the egg experiment) says, “Summer romance during a family vacation — that’s one I liked and always wanted. With the cute local boy who worked at the bait shop or some sh–.”Your turn.