Marcel Williams
Gillian Flynn
October 03, 2008 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Eleventh Hour

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We gave it a C-

In the tradition of Monk, The Mentalist, and, to an extent, Chuck, Eleventh Hour features a quirky genius (Dark City‘s Rufus Sewell) and his sensible female handler (Marley Shelton), who solve mysteries. It’s a stale premise — and the drama does nothing to enliven the situation. Based on a British ITV series, this ?Jerry Bruckheimer drama feels more like a limp CSI spin-off, although Sewell, with his ominously handsome face and oddly grandfatherly voice, is a notch above. His superscientist Dr. Jacob Hood is summoned by the FBI on cases that involve…science. In the debut episode, it’s human cloning; in another, it’s boys suffering fatal heart attacks. But every case is filled with something you’ve seen before: hotheaded Southerners in coveralls; purry, evil older women; a? plotline from The Name of the Rose. It’s a procedural procedural. C?

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