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'Fringe' vs. 'Terminator': Who has the hotter sci-fi office?

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OfficesEven though I’ve got problems with both shows, Fox’s sci-fi dramas Fringe and Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles have managed to score series recordings on my DVR (for now, anyway). One thing I’m loving about both shows, though, is the set design for the offices of their respective red-headed mystery ladies: Fringe‘s Nina Sharp (Blair Brown) and Terminator‘s Catherine Weaver (Shirley Manson of Garbage fame).  Let’s compare:

Fringe (top photo)
Clean white surfaces
Dramatic Manhattan views
Minion on standby
Hot-ass guest chairs
No drawers, no filing cabinets, no messy “papers” of any kind!

Terminator (bottom two photos)
Clean glass surfaces
Dramatic Los Angeles views
Minion on standby
Hot-ass flower arrangement
No drawers, no filing cabinets, no messy “papers” of any kind!

Winner (for me): Fringe. As far as I see it, the assortment of glass objets d’art in Weaver’s office muddies up the “austere cave” look so perfectly executed in Sharp’s. Plus, the NYC skyline is (obvs) superior. Which office do you prefer? Holla!