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LL Cool J is a Sears.com shopper, and so can you!

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Llcooljtop_lLet’s review, shall we? Things that are not hip-hop: Those high-waisted “mom jeans” that Kenleydesigned for the hip-hop challenge on last night’s Project Runway,according to guest judge LL Cool J. Things that are SO hip-hop: Sears.com, according to a recent blog post by LL Cool J. Hmm. Uncle L made the latter contention on his blog in response to some emails he has allegedly received about nefarious forces removing all copies of his new CD, Exit 13, from stores. (I’d check this charge out for myself, but lately there don’t seem to be any actual record stores left on the remote rural island where I live. The further handiwork of LL’s enemies, I presume?) Exhorted LL: “just in case you know someone who can’t seem to locate the new LLCOOLJ album EXIT 13. Send them to iTunes or sears.com.” Right, right. Wait, Sears.com?!

But don’t forget! In addition to being a historic gathering place for true-school rap heads, Sears.com is also where LL’s new clothing line is sold. Yes, yes, y’all: Only at Sears can you buy stylin’ LL-branded items like this juniors Layered Argyle blouse (pictured), or these Studded Skull Jeans. All that plus his new CD — how convenient! If only Sears.com retailed LL’s new Old Spice “Swagger” deodorant, too.

Anyway, I think I may now have a slightly better idea of why LL wrote that random post about his supposedly disappearing CDs in the first place, but far be it from me to impugn his motives. So you tell me: Which do you think is more authentically hip-hop — that Sears.com couture, or the outfit Kenley designed on Runway last night? While I await your verdict I’ll be straight chillin’ over at Sears.com, where hip-hop lives.