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What's New In...Web TV: 'Gemini Division'

Rosario Dawson plays an undercover cop in this new sci-fi Web series

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In Gemini Division, a 50-part futuristic Web series now streaming at NBC.com and SCIFI.com, Sin City‘s Rosario Dawson plays an undercover cop who discovers during a Paris vacation that her seemingly ordinary boyfriend (Smallville‘s Justin Hartley) is actually a synthetic supersoldier gone AWOL from his/its military masters. It’s comic-booky and derivative — think The Truth About Charlie meets Blade Runner — yet this stab at new-wave TV reels you in with Dawson’s charisma and gorgeous close-ups, both of which are omnipresent via the microseries’ storytelling gimmick: Each daily webisode is told through the policewoman’s video dispatches chronicling her descent into sci-fi chicanery. The product placement and lo-fi bluescreen can bug, but by making the most of its limitations — and Dawson’s mug — Gemini Division makes for diverting bookmark pop. B