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Pop culture hits and misses

We rate pop culture for the week of August 25, 2008 including Pink, Cloris Leachman, ”Spaghetti Cat,” and more

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· The wily, honest, hilarious video for Pink‘s new single ”So What.” And how about that Carey Hart cameo?
· Hamlet 2‘s ”Rock Me Sexy Jesus” finally removes ”I Kissed a Girl” from our heads

Near Misses
· Cloris Leachman replaces Marie Osmond in the ”dotty blast from the past” slot this fall on DWTS
· Somebody, please? Stop us from watching ”Spaghetti Cat” on YouTube yet again
· Rumors of a Melrose Place reunion at this year’s Emmy Awards send Bullseye into a frenzied state of shock

· London embarrasses itself at the Olympics finale by wheeling out a cute little double-decker bus.
· Noooo! Ian Ziering to star in gladiator spoof as Testiclees, a ”hero who can only be wounded in his gonads.”
· Terrence Howard, singer.