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Muppets returning to TV? Let's join in song to celebrate!

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Muppetshow_lYou’ve heard about the all new Muppet movie script that Forgetting Sarah Marshall star (and Judd Apatow gang member) Jason Segel has been working on? Well, according to The Sun, there’s a chance that if the big-screen project is a commercial and critical success, it might spin off into an all new Muppet TV series. Squeeeeeee!

[Let’s all pause and catch our collective breath. If you need a moment, you can click here and read Whitney Pastorek’s fascinating profile of nudity-loving Segel from a few months back.]

Anyhow, this development got me so excited, I had no choice — no choice I tell you! — but to pen a song of anticipation/celebration, set to The Muppets Show theme song. (Click here if you need musical accompaniment to my little ditty.)

It’s time for Kermit’s closeup
And yes, Miss Piggy’s too
A total Muppets comeback, it cannot happen too soon

The perfect family program
A certain ratings bang
Cue Gonzo and Camilla but not Jason Segel’s wang

Who misses goofy Beaker
And Bunsen Honeydew?
Who’d do a double cartwheel
If the Muppets were all new?

Big networks get things started!
Make sure it’s Henson-hearted!
Why don’t you get things started?
On the most sensational inspirational celebrational Muppetational
This is what we call The Muppet Show!

addCredit(“The Muppet Show: Everett Collection”)