EW Staff
August 15, 2008 AT 04:00 AM EDT

· That opening ceremony! That men’s swim team! Nastia Liukin’s first name! The Summer Olympics make two previous months of crappy TV worth the pain
· We love when Anderson Cooper reads the news. We love when he reads Dina Lohan even more

Near Misses
· Against all odds, The Mummy‘s Brendan Fraser remains relevant
· Help! Project Runway‘s tanorexic Blayne is growing on us
· Rainn Wilson‘s troubling, Will Ferrell-like need to keep taking off his clothes

· The album that nobody asked for: Taylor Hicks’ Early Works
· Why are Katie Holmes’ jeans a national topic of discussion?
· No, we do not want you to fluff our pillow. Bobby Brown, Carnie Wilson, and Maureen McCormick team up to run an inn for CMT reality show.

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