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Also playing in September

”A Secret,” ”Elite Squad,” and ”A Thousand Years of Good Prayers,” will be hitting theaters this month

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Balls of Fury didn’t satisfy your yen for table-?tennis comedy? Try Ping Pong Playa (9/5), about a Chinese-American with mad skills who tries to lead a group of youngsters to Pong ?glory…. If that’s too bouncy, we’ll let you in on A ?Secret (9/5), a romantic tragedy set in Nazi-?occupied France…. In the dark Scottish dramedy Mister Foe, Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot) plays a ? voyeuristic young man trying to find love and come to terms with his mother’s death (9/5)…. Fans of 2003’s City of God, get your next ? Brazilian-grit fix from Elite Squad (9/19), a drama set in the crime-ridden slums of Rio…. John Cusack adds a new chapter to one of Hollywood’s most perplexing careers by voicing a hunchbacked lab assistant in the CGI kiddie comedy Igor (9/19)…. Which may prove downright cheery compared with Hounddog, a Southern gothic drama better known as “the ? Dakota Fanning rape movie” (9/19)…. What if you moved into a new house and found yourself being terrorized by your neighbor? What if that neighbor was a cop (Samuel L. Jackson)? What if Neil LaBute ? directed a thriller called Lakeview Terrace (9/19)… Kate Hudson, Dane Cook, and Jason Biggs star in a tragedy set in Nazi-occupied France. Kidding! It’s the R-rated romantic comedy My Best Friend’s Girl?(9/19)! … Remember the riots that broke out at the 1999 World Trade Organization meeting? ? If not, Woody Harrelson and Charlize Theron will drop some history on you in Battle in Seattle (9/19)…. Conflict of a more domestic sort is the focus of Wayne Wang’s Chinese father-daughter drama A Thousand Years of Good Prayers (9/19)…. Pro rugby gets its long-awaited uplifting-sports-movie treatment (complete with Rudy‘s Sean Astin!) in Forever Strong (9/26)…. The ? latest Iraq-related film, The Lucky Ones (9/26), stars Rachel McAdams, Michael Peña, and Tim Robbins as soldiers on a road trip…. If that’s too heavy, Humboldt County (9/26), about a med student living among pot farmers, should take the edge off.?