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New found 'Footloose' fame

New found ‘Footloose’ fame — Doveman remakes the 1984 film’s soundtrack on his website

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Indie musician Thomas Bartlett — a.k.a. Doveman — recorded a sad and haunting version of the Footloose soundtrack. Hear it at dovemanmusic.com, then read the backstory here.

February 1984
Footloose opens at No. 1, ultimately making more than $80 million at the box office. Its soundtrack pushes Thriller out of the No. 1 spot and spawns six hits, including ”Let’s Hear It for the Boy.”

Summer 1985
Dummerston, Vt., teen Jenny Rubinstein, the older half sister of Bartlett’s childhood pal Gabe Greenberg, dies after being hit by a car.

Greenberg finds Rubinstein’s old cassette of the Footloose soundtrack and begins listening to it obsessively for insights into his half sister’s life from 21 years earlier.

Greenberg asks his musician pal Bartlett to reimagine the album. Bartlett has never seen the movie: ”I grew up in the woods in Vermont — NPR and Tom Waits was what we had on in the house.”

June 2008
Doveman’s eerie, downbeat cover of the soundtrack is posted on dovemanmusic.com. ”I got a lot of shocked reactions from friends: ‘What the f— were you thinking?”’

July 2008
Publishers of the Footloose soundtrack’s copyright send a cease-and-desist letter. ”This was such a low-key project, recorded at home on crappy equipment. I wasn’t meaning to rip anyone off!”

August 2008
Bartlett, now 26, and the publishers eventually reach terms. Meanwhile, he still hasn’t seen Footloose. ”I’m hoping to make it a special event.”