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Caroline in the City: Season 1

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Lea Thompson, Caroline in the City
Paul Drinkwater

Caroline in the City

TV Show
Current Status:
In Season
run date:
Eric Lutes, Malcolm Gets, Amy Pietz, Lea Thompson
guest performer:
Merrin Dungey

We gave it a B

Tell people you have to watch nine hours of Caroline in the City, and the response is usually the same: ”Why?” Then, ”I’m sorry.” But if you judge a sitcom by the ratio of punchlines thrown to punchlines landed, such pity is unnecessary. Credit Gets, who’s snarkier and — sweeps-week shirtless scene! — sexier than you remember as sardonic intimacy-phobe Richard, the struggling artist-turned-colorist for Thompson’s sunny, single syndicated cartoonist. The real cruelty of this three-disc set — with zero extras — is that you’re truly invested when it ends on a cliff-hanger. (Sexual tension is timeless.) Also slightly painful are appearances by two future faves: Gilmore Girl-to-be Lauren Graham, lowering her IQ to recur as Richard’s clingy girlfriend; and Dirty Sexy Money‘s Peter Krause, in a one-episode stint as Caroline’s hot, haughty junior high pal. B