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Comic-Con: Stars banter at 'Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog' panel

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Drhorriblefillion_lThings are changing,” said  Buffythe Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon at his Comic-Con panel on Fridayafternoon. He was talking about the success of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-AlongBlog, his three-act, Internet-only flick about a lovelorn wannabe-supervillainwith a penchant for breaking out into song. Titular star Neil Patrick Harris (pictured, with Nathan Fillion) also took the stage along with his costars — a hammy Fillion (superhero nemesisCaptain Hammer), the charming Felicia Day (the object of their affection), andsuper-quiet Simon Helberg (Horrible’s hapless roommate/sidekick). “Dr.Horrible,” said Whedon of the lack of studio involvement, “is alittle bit about putting power in different hands.” Added the directorjokingly, “the wrong hands.” (Pause for thunderous applause from the rapturousaudience; then wash and repeat for virtually everything Whedon said.)

There wasmuch banter — repartee even! — at the expense of scoopage. After an audiencemember playfully accused Whedon of liking to kill off his female characters,Harris deadpanned, “You do kill a lot of chicks.”Retorted Whedon, “I have two tricks. You’re either out, or your dead.”Fillion, meanwhile, cracked some choice phallic “Captain Hammer”jokes, then claimed that Harris, vis-a-vis Doogie Howser, invented the blog.And Harris? He claimed he didn’t recall said show, referring to that time inhis life as his “heroin years.”

addCredit(“Amy Opoka”)

But there were a few revelations among therevelry. On the ever-enduring Buffy front, we learned:
• Joyce Summers had Whedon’s favorite death onBuffy. Said Whedon: It was “the most time I got to spend with somethingthat close to me.” Awww.
• Oz will return to Dark Horse’smost-excellent Buffy comic (!).
• Willowwas basically outed only because Oz left the show.
• And, no, Whedon was never going make Xandergay.

And in Dr. Horrible news:
• Harris did some of his own MTVCribs-like choreography in the musical, including that beloved shouldershimmy in the second act.
• While filming, Whedon sang as Hammer toFelicia’s character. And cowriter Maurissa Tancharoen has it on tape.
• They’re hosting a contest for “Evil Leagueof Evil” video submissions that are no longer than three minutes. The top 10will be on the Dr. Horrible DVD.
• The Dr. Horrible soundtrack will be available fordownload in a couple of weeks.
• Lastly, if you want to be an agent of doom, androck an iPhone, you too can log onto the very same interface Doc Horrible usedin the film at www.thesoftwire.com/horrible_remote.html.

Up next for Whedon? His latest TV show,Dollhouse, will air next year on Fox. (Read about the Dollhouse panel on EW.com tomorrow.) And — at long last — his horror movie Cabin in the Woods isfinally a go! (Additional reporting by Dafna Pleban)