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Hey, Bravo! You circled the wrong one!

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Projectrunway_lWatching last night’s episode of Project Runwayclick here for Missy Schwartz’s delightful recap — I caught a funny little mistake during the ad-break poll segment (see screengrab below). Unless, somehow, the fashion world considers 37 a greater number than 47. (Not entirely implausible…considering what passes for a “medium” at Zara anymore.)

Anyhow, thinking about it this morning, I realized Bravo actually got the whole question wrong. Here’s what they should’ve asked:

Which needs to end immediately?
A. Jerell exposing his chest.
B. The overly tanned imp saying ‘licious.’
C. Suede using the third person.

Go ahead and give your answer in the comments section below.–Michael Slezak