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The Kroffts konquer MySpace

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The unhinged works of Sid and Marty Krofft keep bubbling back into consciousness like an acid flashback, especially here at EW; I wrote this item three weeks ago, and the new issue includes a Diablo Cody column in which she visits the set of the Will Ferrell big-screen version of Land of the Lost and talks to the Brothers K themselves. One further instance of the Kroffts’ sudden ubiquity: their new MySpace page, where they’ve posted mini webisodes condensing some of their Saturday morning classics into four-minute highlight reels. (About half the running time of which is eaten up by their shows’ absurdly lengthy, backstory-heavy theme songs.) Still, four minutes of Krofftiana is about as much as any sober adult can probably withstand. Check ’em out; below is a milestone Land of the Lost minisode involving Chaka and the Sleestaks; after the jump, watch one of The Bugaloos, the ultimate example of they-don’t-make-’em-like-that-anymore kiddie entertainment.

Krofft Kwikies – Land of the Lost “Sleestak God”

Krofft Kwikies – Dr. Shrinker “The Love Bugaloos”