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'The Incredible Hulk: Season 1'

EW critic Marc Bernardin reviews the DVD

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The Incredible Hulk: Season 1 was The Fugitive with a whole mess of green paint. Or, if you’re more literary, it was Les Misérables with bushy ’70s sideburns. David Banner (played with hangdog pathos by the late Bixby) is on the run — from the law, from a reporter (Jack Colvin) out to discover his rage-related secret, and from his own dark (green) side. Sure, it could get a little treacly, but Hulk was like a TV apology to comics fans for the ridiculousness of the 1960s Batman. And if you didn’t tear up at the end of each hour hearing that sad ”Lonely Man” theme as Banner walked off, you need to ask the wizard for a heart. B