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Ausiello TV Is Here! Five Reasons You Must Watch…

Posted on

1)    Because the Katherine Heigl/Grey’s Anatomy kerfuffle has taken a juicy new turn, and the exclusive scoop is included in this week’s inaugural ATV!
2)    Because there’s something for everyone particularly fans of Ugly Betty, Gilmore Girls, Smallville and The Closer.
3)    Because there are surprises galore, and if you don’t watch now, someone’s bound to spoil them for you.
4)    Because just when you think it’s over, there’s more!
5)    Because it’s Friday — what the frak else do you have to do? Work?

Your feedback is most welcome in the comments section below. Oh, and if you’re interested in embedding this video on your own site, copy and paste the following link: <iframe src="http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid1659866173” width=”500″ height=”529″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”>