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The Deep Dive: Will Smith

The Deep Dive: Will Smith — A breakdown of the ”Hancock” star’s July 4th weekend success

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As Hancock opens this July 4th weekend, we look into Will Smith’s blockbusting legacy.

Price of a Hancock
The signatures of Hancock‘s stars are worth more than a pretty penny, according to uSTAR.net, a website that sells autographed pics.
Will Smith

Charlize Theron

Jason Bateman

Toss the Whale: Derived from the scene in Hancock when Smith’s character throws a beached whale back into the ocean to save it. Refers to the moment in which the CGI is so poor it shatters the illusion for the rest of the film. Ex. ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ tossed the whale when the wolves chased Jake Gyllenhaal through the boat.

Landmarks Away!
There’s nothing a Will Smith action film loves more than destroying a national treasure. But at what cost? By adjusting each structure’s original price tag for inflation, we’ve calculated the expense of rebuilding the monuments that these explosive flicks, ahem, dinged.

$2.1 mil.
White House in Independence Day — (This figure does not include the West and East wings, or any renovations done on the mansion since its construction began in 1792. We don’t have that much time on our hands.)

$10.4 mil.
New York’s Unisphere in Men in Black

$332.5 mil.
Brooklyn Bridge in I Am Legend

$15.9 mil.
Capitol Records building in Hancock

Booming Box Office
Smith’s already proved a super-hero — to Hollywood, at least — as he continually obliterates the July 4th competition.

Will Smith vs. Second Best

Independence Day $50.2 mil.
The Nutty Professor $17.5 mil.

Men in Black $51.1 mil.
Face/Off $16.1 mil.

Wild Wild West $27.7 mil.
Big Daddy $20 mil.

Men in Black II $52.1 mil.
Mr. Deeds $18.4 mil.